May 11, 2020

Kerala's strategies for Covid-19 response

This note comprehensively documents the policies and strategies that Kerala government adopted in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. As other states develop their own guidelines and responses, there are several lessons worth replicating from the context of Kerala, subject to legislative processes and resource constraints. Kerala registered India’s first COVID-19 case on January 27 and as on May 11, had registered 519 confirmed cases, 489 recovered, 4 deaths, and 27986 persons have been placed under surveillance, out of which 27545 are under home isolation and 441 are admitted in designated isolation facilities. The document discusses immediate measures such as testing, tracing, treatment, medical and human resource mobilisation, intra-governmental coordination, health worker protection, followed by short term measures such as communications, legislation, primary care centres, social protection and infrastructure mobilisation and medium term measures such as mental health, epidemiological modelling, financial resource mobilisation, continuity of essential services and easing restrictions. Under each subject, measures are arranged chronologically to represent the timeline of the Kerala response.

Tags : COVID19
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