March 31, 2021

TICA Vaccine Confidence Study

COVID-19 is a public health issue, but it is also a social issue impacting lives and a way of living hence communication for COVID-19 cannot be based on only health and safety-related benefits. When India launched its COVID-19 vaccination campaign, the largest in the world, we see the same trend of excess information being shared but a limited focus on the reasons behind the rollout and the impact it could have on us as a society at large. 


Under the guidance of Kalyani Rajan, Strategic Communications specialist, and Senior Fellow at IDFC Institute, The Indian COVID Alliance (TICA) commissioned a COVID-19 Vaccine Communications & Needs Assessment Study, with the following objectives:

  • To gain a deeper understanding of the general attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccines and the vaccine roll out

  • To guide a Behavior Change Communication Strategy and Campaign aimed at nudging the public to volunteer to take the vaccine as and when offered


Access the full report from the sidebar of this page.

To explore an interactive version of the findings of this report and to explore other tracks of The Indian COVID Alliance’s (TICA), click here.

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