September 25, 2019

Infrastructure Priorities for Job Creation in India

The Infrastructure Priorities for Job Creation in India report attempts to understand the impact of infrastructure investment on economic activity. It is an extension of IDFC Institute's work on India's socio-economic transition: from rural to urban, informal to formal and low to high productivity.

The report makes the case for including the job creation potential of infrastructure investment in the decision-making calculus when determining investment priorities. Further, since infrastructure requirements are not 'one-size-fits all' but vary depending on the economic geography of a region, the report identifies regional priorities. The report also compares the employment effects of providing different types of infrastructure across these regions. Using data from a primary survey of 2500 enterprises across 18 districts, it is among a handful of studies that identify infrastructure needs at the sub-state level and provide estimates of the potential number of jobs that will be created if those needs are met.

Topic : Transitions / In : Reports
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