January 07, 2021

Indian Cities in the post-pandemic world

Cities bore the brunt (and some misplaced blame) of COVID-19 in India. Systemic issues, such as overcrowded and unsanitary slums, congested streets, and air pollution, made them the hotspots of infection. However, the pandemic lays a path to finally get cities right. It  revived the need for debate around why cities matter and how they can be better governed. Cities must not be seen as incubators of diseases, but of ideas, places of innovation and drivers of economic growth.


IDFC Institute and the World Economic Forum interviewed Indian and international experts to discuss the future of urban India. They presented key learnings and short to long-term recommendations in a collaborative white paper. They address seven areas of interventions in cities: Planning, Housing, Transport, Public Health, Environment, Gender, and Vulnerable Populations.


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