July 11, 2021

Why linking Aadhaar with voter ID is a dangerous idea

Vibhav Mariwala and Prakhar Misra outline the perils of linking voter IDs with Aadhar in the absence of stong data protection standards.


Excerpts below:


"The ECI has justified this integration for a range of reasons, two key ones being improved accessibility to voting and reducing voter fraud. First, there have been calls to allow migrant workers to be given the right to vote regardless of their location, in order to let them participate in elections in their home states. Analysis by Sabrang India indicates that India lags in voter participation compared to other large democracies, a major reason being the staggering numbers of migrant workers — an estimated population of 300 million. Linking the two databases will allow the ECI to track migrant workers and improve election participation.


Second, this move is also expected to prevent voter fraud since Aadhaar information is authenticated using biometrics, which cannot be replicated, and in turn, the duplication of voter ID cards is prevented. The duplication of voter ID cards could be problematic since it allows people to vote in multiple areas given that they show different areas of residence."


Read the full article here.

Topic : State Capacity / In : OP-EDS
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