January 11, 2017

The Fight Against Hidden Hunger

Visiting Fellow, Shamika Ravi, in this Livemint article, writes on the urgent need to direct nutrition policy to better invest in the first 1000 days of a child. This includes investing in pregnant and lactating mothers. She says:


"India’s ability to harness long-term demographic dividends rests on it prioritizing nutrition in its health agenda, and reforming the institutional framework through which interventions are delivered. Most importantly, to combine fragmented efforts, a nodal government body should be established with responsibility for meeting time-bound nutrition targets, and coordinating multi-sectoral programmes, including the ICDS, the National Rural Health Mission, the midday meal scheme, and the public distribution system[...]


India’s fight against hidden hunger must acknowledge that economic growth is not a panacea for all public health problems. Given the ever-increasing weight of the country’s economic ambitions, prioritizing nutrition in an integrated health agenda and realigning nutrition policy to target the first 1,000 days of a child’s life are crucial first steps towards ensuring India’s development rests on strong and steady shoulders."


Read the full article here.

Topic : State Capacity / In : OP-EDS
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