July 04, 2021

Reshuffle kerfuffle: India needs results

Shankkar Aiyar talks about the recent reshuffle of the council of ministers.


Excerts below:


"The defining characteristic of the Modi Model of politics is the element of surprise, predictable unpredictability! Indeed, public appraisals of ministerial performance within the party and private communions of hopefuls are enveloped by caveats of if and when. The use of the adjective ‘impending’ and the event itself hang between probability and political possibility."

"The reshuffle is an opportunity to induct focus on key sectors critical to ensure equity and install efficiency. The idea should be to induct champions for the cause — think green revolution, think Aadhaar — bring in a group of younger politicians who have a stake in the future, and wherever possible induct technocrats, to leverage the political heft of the party in the Centre and in the states it rules to create a demonstration effect."


Read full article here.

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