June 06, 2021

Needed: A Minister for Privatisation

Shankkar Aiyer raises flag on the enlarged presence of the government in businesses that it has no business to be and the continuing erosion of public wealth along with the need for a minister for privatisation.


Excerpts below:


"It is true that the pandemic has imposed constraints on process and potential. But the saga of procrastination predates the arrival of the virus. It is not just privatisation. The virus of delays afflicts listing of state-owned enterprises too. "


"It is true that for the first time since the liberalisation policies of 1991, and after decades of semantics over getting government out of business, the politically combustible phrase privatisation has found a place in this year’s budget speech. But the mention needs empowered follow through action. Currently, the process of disinvestment is overseen by a Core Group of Secretaries. This template falls between necessary and sufficient conditions —systemic oversight without political push."


Read the full Article here.

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