October 16, 2021

It isn’t just the Income Tax site – government has a history of teething trouble with tech rollouts

Hemant Adarkar, Meenaz Munshi and Anushka Bhansali talk about the challenges with the deployment of IT Systems by the government -- and ways to tackle the various hurdles.


Excerpts below:


"The recent overhaul of the electronic portal for income tax filings has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Since going live more than four months ago, it has continued to be plagued by technical errors, prompting calls by taxpayers and the Union Ministry of Finance to have the problems fixed immediately."


"In order to reduce the systematic issues in the software development process for the government bodies, a few measures can be taken. First, meetings should be scheduled at each milestone to discuss the achievements and the next steps to ensure transparency amongst multiple stakeholders. Second, a bottom-up approach needs to be implemented from the start of the process as it would bridge the gap between decision-makers and implementers."


Read full article here.

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