July 09, 2020

How can the BMC help Mumbai recover?

Isalyne Gennaro and Harshita Agrawal write about how raising revenues from sustainable sources, reinforcing financial literacy, the autonomy of local administrations, and revising the current approach in planning expenditure form the heart of good urban governance and can pave way for the recovery of Mumbai. 




"On the public health front, the pandemic has shown the value of having a robust public transport system that gives urban populations multiple options for travelling safely without being packed together in a way that makes them vectors for disease spread. Major interventions are needed here: increasing the number and frequency of trains, integrating transit systems that are flexible and ensure last mile connectivity, such as ramping up bus fleets, adding routes and investing in electric vehicles, including rickshaws that keep the pollution in control."


Read the complete article published in Money Control here.

Topic : Transitions / In : OP-EDS
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