August 15, 2021

Climate code red: India must go vocal and local

Shankkar Aiyar writes on the latest climate change report defined by the United Nations as ‘code red for humanity'.


Excerpts below:


"The latest climate change report defined by the United Nations as ‘code red for humanity’, lines up every imaginable catastrophe. For Indians, beyond the colour coding, it is not exactly ‘breaking news’. Indeed, India has been a witness and victim of the accelerated and aggravating consequences of climate change for decades."


"India has argued that its per capita carbon emission is among the lowest while the developed world has harped on rising emissions. The drone of data and distractive discourse will continue.  India’s response to the global moves depends on the many variables and exigencies which define geopolitics. As developed economies such as the US and EU re-design their economy, global funds are installing a new filter called ESG to dictate the flow of trillions of dollars of investments."


"The question is what India can do at home to mitigate the visible and possible consequences of climate change. As India turns 75, it is an opportune moment to reflect and ensure sustenance of life and livelihoods. India must go vocal on local solutions and reconfigure the template of governance to deal with the challenges across sectors."


Read full article here.

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