November 23, 2017

Catalonia’s lessons for India

Vivek Dahejia, Resident Senior Fellow at IDFC Institute, questions whether India could possibly witness a Catalonian-style separatist movement in this livemint  piece.


He states "Could India witness a Catalonian-style separatist movement from have states on the back of the potent brew of fiscal and cultural elements?

For a nation that has combatted numerous armed insurgencies, this question is not outlandish. The mix of economic and cultural sources of alienation amongst have states is perhaps strongest in Tamil Nadu, where there exists a pre-existing vein of pan-Tamilian nationalism that may be tapped by vote-getting politicians.

It would be short-sighted to dismiss such statements as merely political bravado. Many Spaniards dismissed similar statements coming from Catalonian leaders in the lead-up to the recent independence referendum as political posturing to help strike a more favourable deal, and that nation is now in crisis: lesson learnt."


Read the full article here.


This article was republished on Stratfor here.

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