May 31, 2020

After the Lockdown Lifts, We Need to Make Cities Liveable for Migrants

Patrick Lamson-Hall and Harshita Agarwal point out how cities need to be made liveable for India’s migrant and informal workers. Improvements across sanitation and sewage systems, quality of housing and jobs support are needed. Excerpts: 


"At the very least, the government should regularise India’s tens of millions of informal housing units, making it safe for owners to invest in building improvements without fear of expropriation or demolition. While an overhaul of informal housing by clearing slums and constructing new high rises would be ideal to reduce the risk of a future pandemic, improving existing informal housing in the medium term is imperative to address this housing crisis."


Read the full article here.  

Topic : State Capacity / In : OP-EDS
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