April 13, 2021

3 pressing urban problems Indian cities must solve in the post-COVID recovery

Kadambari Shah, Harshita Agrawal and Suchi Kedia discuss how the pandemic revealed the extent of Indian cities’ dependence on the informal economy and the critical shortcomings in India's city apparatus holding back improvements for its vulnerable populations.


Excerpts below:


"The onset of COVID-19 exposed three critical gaps in India’s city apparatus: poor infrastructure/service delivery; lack of data for informed policy-making; and vulnerable groups’ lack of agency despite their role in economic growth. Existing inequities also worsened the economic, social and psychological hardships of women who suffered from the burden of increased unpaid domestic and care work, and grappled with gender-based violence. As we move into the post-pandemic world, it is critical for this crisis to be an impetus for city authorities to rectify these problems and foster a more inclusive society.

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