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  • 09 December, 2014
    Survey Sheds Light on India's Middle Class
    The Hindu has released the findings of a survey on the aspirations and anxieties of ordinary Indians. The “Lok Surveys" is the latest round of a multi-year panel study sponsored by the Lok Foundation and carried out in collaboration with the Center for the Advanced Study of India&nb...
  • 04 December, 2014
    Open Access NREGA Complaints
    As part of its transparency efforts, the government has made complaints related to the flagship rural NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee) scheme available online. The actual text of complaints is available, along with information on pending complaints and the level of government that is comp...
  • 04 November, 2014
    The Next Housing Crisis May Be Sooner Than you Think
    In this CityLab article, urban theorist Richard Florida argues that the US could fall into another housing crisis before completely recovering from the 2008 meltdown. New construction is only 49% back to normal, Americans are overspending on housing (over 33% of their incomes in 2013, up nearly 13% ...
  • 01 November, 2014
    McKinsey Estimates Mumbai’s Affordability Gap
    In its 2014 Housing Affordability Report, McKinsey Global Institute states:   “If current trends in urbanization and income growth persist, by 2025 the number of urban households that live in substandard housing—or are so financially stretched by housing costs that they forego other esse...
  • 30 July, 2014
    3D Printing Homes- Hope for Affordability and Sustainability?
    After a Dutch company began printing the world’s first 3D Printed House and a Chinese company made 10 3D printed houses in a day, there has been hope for this disruptive innovation to finally provide a model for affordable and sustainable housing.   "Others have propagated pre-fabricated a...
  • 30 December, 2013
    Reuben Abraham Speaks with Guy Rigby and Gunilla Carlsson on Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries
    In a paper for the Legatum Institute, IDFC Institute CEO Reuben Abraham writes on current conditions and main barriers to success facing entrepreneurs in the developing world and beyond.   "Read his paper here, and watch the video below for a discussion on the subject wit...
  • The Importance of Cities
    Reuben Abraham, the CEO and Senior fellow and Pritika Hingorani, Director and Research Fellow, join host Amit Varma in episode 108 of The Seen and the Unseen Podcast to discuss what India needs to do to prepare for its urban future. While India is urbanising rapidly, governments seem ill-e...
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