June 17, 2021

Smartphone usage and privacy challenges

Data privacy conversations are incomplete without acknowledging how leading mobile operating systems have been gaining access to granular data on smartphone users, write Meenaz Munshi, Anushka Bhansali and Hemant Adrakar.


Excerpts from the blog:


"Even a basic minimal configuration of both iOS and Android handsets can share data with Apple/Google, on average, every 4.5 minutes even when the phone is idle. For instance, as soon as a SIM is inserted in an iPhone or Android phone, it sends various details like the IMEI number, phone number, hardware and SIM serial numbers, and device IDs to Apple/Google without a user logging into the phone."


"At present, users have very few options in countering privacy intrusions when they set up their new handsets. User choice, even if they want to use basic calling services, becomes very limited. One either agrees to share data or forego the use of services or has to switch to using a basic feature phone."


Read the blog here.

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