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April 19, 2021

Brave New World Podcast: Episode 10 Understanding QE in the New World

Covid was a shock to the global economy. Policy makers have responded with Quantitative Easing. Paul Sheard joins Vasant Dhar in episode 10 of Brave New World to discuss the nuances of QE and its possible impacts. Also discussed: the role of monetary policy in this changing tech landscape, helicopter money and the big question of the 21st century. 



Useful resources:
1. Quantitative Easing – Explaining It and Dispelling the Myths — Paul Sheard.
2. MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) – What Is It and Can It Help? — Paul Sheard.
3. Don’t Lose Sleep Over Mounting Government Debt — Paul Sheard.
4. A More Robust Macroeconomic Policy Framework Is Needed — Paul Sheard.
5. The Economic Impact of AI — Paul Sheard.
6. Bank of International Settlements: Central bank digital currencies: foundational principals and core features.
7. Group of Thirty: Digital Currencies and Stablecoins: Risks, Opportunities, and Challenges Ahead.

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