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February 27, 2019

IDFC Institute's Research on Urbanisation is Quoted in Research Matters

In 2018, IDFC Institute's work on urban definitions was published in The Journal of Asian Economics. This work was cited in an article on Research Matters:


"In a recent study, researchers from the IDFC Institute, have looked into the current definition of “urban” in India. The study assessed the  National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) of the government and its implementation based on the definition of ‘urban’ and ‘rural’ in India. The study was published in the Journal of Asian Economics.


The Indian government has two modes for classifying urban and rural areas. The first is the administrative definition based on whether a settlement has an urban or rural local body. The second definition is based on the census of India, which states that settlements having more than 5,000 people, population densities greater than 400 persons per square kilometre, of which 75% of male workers are involved in non-agricultural pursuits are urban together with settlements governed by urban local bodies. But, the question is, does this truly capture the extent of urban growth in India?"


Read the whole article here.

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