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August 16, 2017

Nandan Nilekani Defends Aadhaar

Nandan Nilekani defends Aadhaar in light of growing privacy and security concerns, in this BloombergQuint article


"It’s no mean task to convince two such different thinking governments of the need for a biometric-based resident identification program. But despite the political smarts, Nandan Nilekani, the first chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India, today spends much time defending Aadhaar – the identification number program his team founded, commissioned by the United Progressive Alliance government, in 2009...


Nilekani argues that an identification number was the only way to make government spending on citizen welfare “more efficient” and ensure the benefits reach the “right people”. And that the best way to ensure no duplication was to link the number to biometric data."


The interview was conducted on location the IDFC Institute Dialogues 2017.


Read the full article here.

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