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Rajeswari Parasa

Rajeswari was a Senior Analyst at IDFC Institute who works on Data Science. Her interest lies in building open source tools for enhancing data-driven governance in Indian cities. Prior to joining IDFC Institute, Rajeswari worked as a Product Manager at a tech startup - Lakeer Foundation, where she worked on building open-source tools for visualising and interacting with city-data. She has been an Urban Fellow at Indian Institute for Human Settlements where she explored the themes of sustainability, land governance, urban health, and urban ecology in context of the Global South. While at IIHS, Rajeswari also worked on a project under 'Building capacity for the future city in developing countries (PEAK)' led by University of Oxford to create a spatial dataset for a 3D model of buildings in the city of Bangalore.

She has a Bachelors degree in Geoinformatics from Andhra University. Her thesis titled 'Exploratory Spatial Distribution Analysis of Health Centres and their demand in Visakhapatnam region' analyses the optimality of the public health facilities in the region based on proximity and population served. She also interned for a while at an oil analytics company and built a land suitability analysis for wellbores. 



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