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Girish Gupta

Girish was Head of Data Science at IDFC Institute where he harnessed everything from machine learning algorithms to elegant visualisations in order to help optimise the Institute's work.

Before joining IDFC Institute, Girish was a foreign correspondent based eight years in Venezuela. There, he produced groundbreaking investigations, covered daily clashes and reported on an unprecedented economic, social and humanitarian crisis in print, through photography and on radio and television for the world’s biggest news outlets. He also worked across Latin America and the Middle East.

At the same time, he wrote widely-used web and mobile apps to provide live and historic data on Venezuela's crumbling economy, giving users everything from black market exchange rate fluctuations to details of the brisk money-printing fuelling the world's highest inflation. He later expanded the software into a global platform, Data Drum.

Girish holds a Master's degree in Physics from the University of Manchester, England. His Master's project was a computer simulation of the heart exploring atrial fibrillation, bringing together physics, biology and computer science.

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