December 17, 2019

Opinion | Caste barriers still play a big role in our economic choices

In this piece for Mint, Niranjan Rajadhyaksha looks at research on the continuing impact of the caste system on economic choices by people. Excerpt:


"Cut to our times. A young scholar from Columbia University, where Ambedkar also studied economics, shows through a field experiment in rural Odisha how caste identity makes workers avoid certain tasks even if that means substantial economic costs to them. Suanna Oh looked at behaviour for two sets of tasks—“identity tasks" that are associated with specific castes, and “paired control tasks" that do not have any traditional caste associations. Workers were generally unlikely to take up work offers involving tasks that were not traditionally associated with their own caste identities. They were not keen on working in joint tasks with members of other castes, especially if the latter were lower than them in the caste hierarchy."



Read the full article here.

Topic : Transitions / In : OP-EDS
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