April 03, 2019

NITI Aayog 2.0 should be built on the idea of fiscal federalism

In this Mint article, Niranjan Rajyadhyaksha, Research Director and Senior Fellow at IDFC Institute, writes about rethinking the role and functions of the NITI Aayog. Excerpts:


"Indian fiscal federalism is at a crossroads. The question of how money is to be shared between New Delhi and the states on one hand, and among different states on the other, will continue to resonate. There is a lot of talk about the importance of federalism as well as calls for greater centralization. Decentralization is needed because India is too complex a country to have a uniform approach to development. Centralization is necessary because of the risk that important national public goods, including regional equality, could be underfunded. These tricky questions of federal balance need an institutional mechanism that entails either a more effective NITI Aayog or a permanent Finance Commission."


Read the full article here.


Topic : Transitions / In : OP-EDS
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