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  • 21 August, 2015
    World's first solar-powered airport
    Cochin International Airport is all set to emerge as the world's first airport that will use solar energy to meet its energy requirements. This Quartz article says that "On Aug. 18, the Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL)—India’s fourth largest international airport in terms of pass...
    TAGS: Solar , Energy , CIAL
  • 19 August, 2015
    Pricing the OROP
    In this article that appeared in Mint, Ajay Shah and Renuka Sane discuss the importance of considering the cost of implementing OROP.   "Before we make up our minds on OROP, it is useful to ask what it would cost. A pension is like an annuity, a stream of payments until the recipient is alive...
    TAGS: OROP , Defence , Pension
  • 18 August, 2015
    Watch Shruti Rajagopalan's Interview on Private Cities
    Shruti Rajagopalan, Assistant Professor of Economics at State University of New York, Purchase College, talks to IDFC Institute's Pritika Hingorani on her paper "Lessons from Gurgaon: India's Private City", written with Alexander T. Tabarrok, Bartley J. Madden Chair in Economics at George ...
  • 28 July, 2015
    India’s suicide problem
    Important research by Shamika Ravi, Fellow Brookings Institution, with inputs from Mudit Kapoor, Visiting Fellow at IDFC Institute on what the numbers tell us about the farmer suicide narrative, in this Indian Express article   "Studying the data for all suicides in India, we note tha...
  • 15 July, 2015
    Vivek Dehejia invited to attend the Santa Colomba Conference
    Resident Fellow Vivek Dehejia was an invited member of the Santa Colomba Conference, a small, high-level, by-invitation-only event that Nobel Laureate in Economics Robert Mundell has held periodically at his villa near Siena, Palazzo Mundell, periodically since 1971. This year's theme was "Currency ...
  • 02 July, 2015
    Villagers in Sirsa Crowdfund Rs. 1 Crore for Bridge
    Residents of nine villages in Haryana's Sirsa district funded a 250 foot long, 14 foot wide bride over a river so that they could take their farm produce to nearby areas faster. This Economic Times article reports that work began on the bridge in 2014, and a 25-member committee supervising...
  • 24 June, 2015
    Milan Vaishnav Writes on Continuity and Change in Voter Behaviour
    In a recent paper, Dr. Milan Vaishnav, Associate in the South Asia Program at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, examines Indian voter behaviour, a topic he also recently discussed in an IDFC-U discussion on "New Rules for Indian Politics"? In the paper he writes:   "The Bhara...
  • 08 June, 2015
    Our Visiting Fellow, Praveen Chakravarty speaks at Ashoka University - "Is India One Nation?"
    IDFC Institute Visting Fellow, Praveen Chakaravarty conducted a guest discussion at Ashoka University, using voter data to ask "Is India One Nation?" Read an Ashoka University student's review of the discussion here ...
  • 05 June, 2015
    Pritika Hingorani Receives MIT's Excellence in Public Service Award
    IDFC Institute Junior Fellow Pritika Hingorani has been awarded the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2015 Public Service Award. MIT's Excellence in Public Service Awards, granted by the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, is designed to recognise outstanding public service...
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  • 22 May, 2015
    ICRIER's National Workshop on Governance, Administrative Reforms and Capacity Building
    "There is a need to change the current definition of metropolitan regions in India so that it reflects the fact that these regions are a unified market with strong economic and employment linkages between the core and peripheries. A prerequisite for this would be to undertake data collection on e...
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