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July 15, 2015

Vivek Dehejia invited to attend the Santa Colomba Conference

Resident Fellow Vivek Dehejia was an invited member of the Santa Colomba Conference, a small, high-level, by-invitation-only event that Nobel Laureate in Economics Robert Mundell has held periodically at his villa near Siena, Palazzo Mundell, periodically since 1971. This year's theme was "Currency Disorder and Global Monetary Reform", and featured wide ranging discussions of the current Greek crisis in the eurozone, among other topics. Some other distinguished members of the conference this year as in past years included former Bank of Israel Governor Jacob Frenkel, former Argentine Economy Minister Domingo Cavallo, and well-known entrepreneur and angel investor, Peter Jungen. For more on the distinguished history of the Santa Colomba Conference, please see here and here.

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